Featured Items Seen On Screen:

Pizza Hut in Demolition Man (1993)
M&M'S – The Final Girls (2015)
Hostess Twinkies and Utz Pork Rinds – Secret in Their Eyes (2015)
Cinnabon – Daddy’s Home (2015)
Newman's Own Steak Sauce – Our Brand Is Crisis (2015)
Skittles And Pringles – Logan (2017)
Twizzlers Candies and Halls - The Departed (2006)
Wonder Bread and Budweiser Beer – Taxi Driver (1976)
Quaker Oats in Moonstruck (1987)
Bruce's Yam's and Eggo Waffles in Stranger Things: The Monster (2016)


  1. Absolutely loved the movie so much we wanted to see it again to pick up on the jokes we missed while we were laughing the first time around.

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