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Welcome to ProductPlacementBlog.com, your source for comprehensive insights into the world of product placement. Since 2015, we've been dedicated to providing in-depth analysis of product placement in TV series and movies.

We track brands daily and analyze all the latest U.S. TV series and movies. Our database is a treasure trove of examples and analytics that can revolutionize your understanding and utilization of product placement in media. Choose between our Free Access and Paid Access services to best suit your needs.

What We Offer (Free, Partial Database Access and Full Access):

FeaturesFree AccessPartial Database Access (Paid)Full Database Access (Paid)
Time Stamps
Number of images per 1 post (1 product placement example)1As much as possibleAs much as possible
Total Database100365 examplesDepending on the brands or products selected for tracking297548 examples

Paid (Full and Partial) Access Advantages:

Time Stamps: With Paid Access, you get precise time stamps for every product placement, making your research and analysis more efficient and accurate.

Number of Images per Post: While Free Access provides one image per product placement example, our Paid Access offers an extensive visual gallery for each example, enriching your understanding and insights.

Total Database Access: Our expansive database of 297548 image examples under Paid Access dwarfs the 100365 image examples available for free, giving you a broader and more detailed view of the product placement landscape.

Detailed Brand Analysis: With Paid Access, your brands are analyzed more thoroughly. This detailed analysis can lead to discovering more product placement examples featuring your brand.

Monthly Reports: Exclusive to Paid Access, receive monthly reports detailing your company's brands that were spotted, offering a focused and comprehensive overview of your brand's presence in recent product placements.

Access to Full Database or Specific Brands: Choose between comprehensive access to our entire database or limited access focusing exclusively on specific brands or products.

Contact and Pricing Information:

For further details on pricing and how to subscribe to our exclusive service, please reach out to us via email at [email protected]. Our team is eager to assist you in choosing the package that best aligns with your goals.