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Hi! My name is Sergey.

I am the founder of ProductPlacementBlog.com – Blog about product placement. This blog was started in March 2015.

You will find here the most complete list on the web about brands seen in Hollywood movies, TV shows and official music videos, embedded marketing examples and information about them.


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  1. What’s the name and type number for the RayBan specs worn my Michael Douglas in The Sentinel??
    Lots of pictures, but no information?

  2. Great resource – found an ERROR

    Hey there! Watching Home Alone and came acrossyour blog while looking up some placement. You have Puffs Tissue listed for a scene in Home Alone, but it’s actually a candy called Puffs Au Prailne. My mother (Hollis Savin) was the owner of the company that made the product.

  3. I just saw a movie on Dish Tv recently Jan 2019 that had a scene with a table setting at a restaurant with two tall bottles of TAB soft drink. Having just seen another movie, The Gauntlet, where a Tab Can was seen in the constable’s car, I was so intrigued of seeing two movies with Tab, that my mind has gone totally blank on which movie I saw the table scene with the two bottles of Tab. I can’t recall the plot, the actors, zero, just the two bottles of TAB on the table. It seemed like two guys unlikely to drink Tab were just getting up from the table but I am not sure. Any help locating the name of the movie would be so appreciated.

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