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Embedded marketing involves placing products in movies, television shows, videos, and other types of media so that the public is exposed to them in a positive way. For example, if a company was looking to market a type of soda and a popular movie was in production, the company selling the soda might want to have their soda shown being consumed by main characters in the movie. This type of product placement happens frequently, and when done well people aren't even aware of it. Think about how many times you've seen products being used or consumed by characters in movies or television. Or, how many times have you seen a billboard or sign in a movie for a product? Product placement is even used in regards to the clothing characters wear, the cars they drive, the smartphones they use, and in just about every other part of a movie or television show that you can imagine. Why is this done? It's simple really, product placement is one of the most effective marketing techniques around, and it has a proven track record of success.

We live in a world where there is a constant struggle to capture our attention. From social media to television, to the online world, the amount of media exposure that we all have in our lives is staggering. With so many different things vying for our attention it's no wonder that many of us tend to tune things out. If your watching television and a commercial comes on you can change the channel, or you can skip it if you have a DVR. If an ad pops up on your smartphone or laptop you can ignore it. That means that most traditional methods of advertising are not as effective as companies wish that they were because people can simply ignore them. On the other hand, with product placement, people can't just ignore what they are seeing. With product placement, the advertising is a part of the media that the consumer is watching, and in most cases, people aren't even aware that they are being subjected to advertising at the time it is happening.