Featured Items Seen On Screen:

T-Mobile LTE and Apple iPhone – Dope (2015)
Apple iPhone 5c - Triple 9 (2016)
Thunderbolt Display - Silicon Valley
Apple iMac Computer - The 9th Life of Louis Drax (2016)
Apple iPad tablet and Agar.io app - HOUSE OF CARDS: CHAPTER 51 (2016)
Lenovo computer in DRAFT DAY (2014)
Apple iPhone 5 mobile phone and Beats Music app in WHO DO YOU LOVE by YG (2014)
Priyanka Chopra and Apple iPhone - Baywatch (2017)
Apple iMac Computer in Fifty Shades Darker (2017)
Apple iMac Computer in Once Upon a Time in Venice (2017)


  1. The only remark less praising would be the occasional leap forward in times, leaving gaps in the story, which otherwise could have been exploited.

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