Featured Items Seen On Screen:

VISA – Happy Gilmore (1996)
Visa and iTunes - Shameless
San Pellegrino and Bank of America - The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)
GMC Yukon - Nothing to Lose (1997)
Coca-Cola, Sprite And Heinz – Nothing to Lose (1997)
Naples Rib Company, Coca-Cola, Lazy Acres Market, Wells Fargo, JetBlue, Goodwill Industries - Mascot...
Astoria Bank – Billions
Greater Chicago Food Depository And Bank Of America – A Family Man (2016)
Western Union – Coming to America (1988)
The Chase Manhattan Bank – Catch Me If You Can (2002)


  1. Our cable company is good and I was able to watch them for free but then of course I had to purchase the DVDs to puruse later.

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