Sony TV in Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 8 “Gliding Over All” (2012)

Sony TV in Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 8 “Gliding Over All” (2012) - TV Show Product Placement

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I’m not good at writing praise, but this is the case. “Breaking bad” is probably one of the brightest series of the late noughties. In my memory, this is the series clearly are among the top viewed. In terms of drama, ” breaking bad “can easily compete with” Game of Thrones “or” Mysterious events.” And as for the seamy side with this odd show like “Utopia” and the “Game of Thrones”. And yet “breaking bad” is primarily a fine example of Western cinema.

What is the secret of the success of the series? On the one hand, the plot is simple and uncomplicated, but the script is not just good, but with a special directorial style. It is also possible to note the authentic camerawork. In the center of the plot is a painful, dramatic rush to freedom. Actually, guys, from all series in the series only one episode (the fly) is irrelevant to the plot. One(!!!). And no matter what the season was better or worse than the previous one. “Breaking bad” is smoothly going to shoot into the sky the final series. Although the series itself is shot in a case of beer, two crates of vodka and a couple of sandwiches. However, in late seasons it is not so noticeable.

Well, how not to remember the tandem of Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul. All the actors in the series are in place. Even the extras have been chosen with a soul.

Who was Walter Wyatt who took the pseudonym of a Nazi chemist Heisenberg? He was a man who, in the face of ruin, had rebelled against the rag’s miserable life of many years. But, alas, still a riot this every season delayed Mr. Wyatt in the dark.

Jesse” Captain Cook ” Pinkman is by far the cleanest and kindest character in the series. Jesse generally evolves with each season and is a kind of conscience for Heisenberg. And his individual phrase and gags to stay remain in memory.

And of course, uncle Hank is the most charismatic character in the series with a bag of racist jokes and jokes. Well, with an interesting personality in the role of his wife.

Other colorful characters: Gustavo Frink, Tuco, Mike (though I never liked him at all. Shitty old man.), Mexican twins and Badger. And naturally Sol.

Of course, to shoot a series with a claim to the cult of good actors, plot and script are not enough. Need something else. The atmosphere that is present. A true fan of the series will plunge into nostalgic memories from some words: Zafira Anejo, Los Hermanos. And remembering the black hat of Heisenberg or Mexican twins and chalk braid. Eh. Well, another plus in this series is that it shows the real America and real people.

Yes. The show is immoral. And Yes. The series are sometimes even darker. Especially sins in this respect the last season. It might alienate someone. The series does not teach anything good and gives a rather gloomy picture of the world around us.

In General, all the series is missing something to become iconic.