Samsung Verizon Cell Phone in Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 11 “Confessions” (2012)

Samsung Verizon Cell Phone in Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 11 "Confessions" (2012) - TV Show Product Placement

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After the death of James Gandolfini, having lost all hope for the continuation of the ‘Soprano Clan’, intriguing news about which regularly flashed, began to seek solace.

I will not describe their search, interested, but having received the advice of colleagues at work, with a grain of salt, and sat down to watch.

And stuck.

I highly do not like spoilers, so I will describe it, with no mention of the plot.

The series mean, by cool shot, professionally written and expertly played episodes, immerses you in empathy.

This enthusiastic admiration, and curiosity coupled with loathing, but most importantly – it’s a situation, decisions, and adventures of the main characters. Without selecting.

The performance of the series is so masterful that the first quibbles I was born only to the penultimate series. And that was challenged in an internal dialogue by me.

This is the story of that inner conviction of any person claiming that I am this or I – that, his confidence in its virtues and minimal defects, only artificiality, not tested in extreme conditions.

This is what happens to the main characters of the series. Melting. Crusher. Miller characters, decisions, actions and fates.

You will argue, but each time agree with the choice of heroes. You will experience fear, despair, joy, delight. But only first for themselves, and then for them.

Look-only entirely.