Panasonic Telephone Used by Bryan Cranston (Walter White) in Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 11: Abiquiu (2010)

Panasonic Telephone Used by Bryan Cranston (Walter White) in Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 11: Abiquiu (2010) - TV Show Product Placement

Panasonic Telephone Used by Bryan Cranston (Walter White) in Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 11: Abiquiu (2010) - TV Show Product Placement

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How often do you come across a series that makes you immerse yourself in it so much that after the last episode of the final season, you feel like the little era of your life is over? I must say, I’m not a fan of TV series, because they take too much time. However, ‘breaking bad’ is exactly the case when you cling to the screens and do not calm down until the credits of the last series.

Simple chemistry teacher Walter white suddenly learns that he has cancer and that he did not have much time. And he also has a son with cerebral palsy, with a pregnant wife, who must be supported. And here, he meets his former student, who in fact turns out to be a small drug dealer, and Walter decides that the only way out – together to start cooking meth, thereby ensuring a comfortable existence for his family.

That’s how the series begins, which will eventually result in one of the strongest dramas in the history of television. This is the rare case when each following season raises the bar even higher, bringing the degree of tension to the limit.

And this is due, first of all, Vince Gilligan, responsible for the script and production. Yes, exactly. But his vision could not be realized without the perfect cast of actors who literally lived this series.

Looking at Brian Cranston in the series you realize that in front of you is not an actor, but the most that neither is the real Walter White. You have to have a giant talent to play like this, collecting at the same time for each season of Emmy.

Here and Aaron Paul, whose game conquered millions of viewers around the world, turning him into a world-famous movie star. Thank God that the creators decided not to kill his character, thus allowing them to reveal the talent of Aaron. If the first 2 seasons he was perceived only as an apprentice of Walter, by season 3 it turns into a full-fledged main character, sometimes even eclipsing Mr. white. Especially in the final minutes of the season 3 final series.

As part of the disclosure of the characters in the series apart from the competition. With characters, there are real metamorphoses, and the attitude to them is constantly changing. If at the beginning of the series Walter white was perceived as a model member of society, unable even to offend a fly, then by the middle of the series he becomes a real drug lord, who is feared even by avid criminals. At the same time, Jesse Pinkman presented to us as an immoral junkie, eventually becomes a normal person, turning into a kind of inhibitor and not letting Walter finally fly off the rails.

But the series is held not only by Walter and Jesse, but a significant role is also played by Walter’s wife, Skyler, who at first can not stand, and then still begin to understand and empathize. I can’t think of a character that would be out of place. Everything is in its place, and everyone is good in his own way.

We should also mention Giancarlo Esposito, who played the best antagonist in my memory on television. He has his own vision of the world, his motives and, most importantly, in each of his actions there is logic. He’s cold-blooded, calculating, violent and charismatic as hell. And it’s a pity he didn’t get his deserved Emmy in 2012. That year the prize was won by Aaron Paul, which is also very nice, but he already had a cherished statuette, and so for Giancarlo, a little even insulting.

I can about this series to talk endlessly, but don’t deny yourself the pleasure and see it for yourself. I assure you, you will not regret it.