Milwaukee Jig Saw and Crown Bolt Box in Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 16 “Felina” (2012)

Milwaukee Jig Saw and Crown Bolt Box in Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 16 “Felina” (2012) - TV Show Product Placement

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Overall impression: Heard about this show so much that it seems to sidestep will not work. Some are addictive, others are off by 1 season. Really wonder if season 1 is swinging the cradle, then tightening the maelstrom vortex. Crime coupled with drama creates a powerful scenario that absorbs into the action more revealing characters.

The main Character-Walter white (Brian Cranston), he is also known in criminal circles as Heisenberg. Under pressure events, and financial position decides to address manufacturing methamphetamine. School chemistry teacher using his knowledge becomes the number one in the market for the sale of drugs. But how deep is the hole Walter jumped into? First, we understand that cooking meta-this need, and uses the hero of his knowledge, ostensibly for good purposes-to help themselves, to help the family. But with each series, we are increasingly revealing the character of the hero, we see his fears, resentments, and is it important for him to help his family? As it turns out not only. It is evil in Walter, and as soon as he heard the rustle of green papers, felt the power to refuse is not so easy… Then you do not a drug.

In partners, Walter takes Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) – former disciple white. Perhaps it’s the two central characters that are revealed from different angles and during the series in different ways. The rest are just decorations, but with prescribed characters. In General, for the film my heroes more annoyed by their behavior, but this is a movie that evokes emotion, feelings, and so working in the right direction. Walt’s wife, Skyler, who kept Walt under her thumb, is surprised by his behavior. Walter’s brother-in-law is Hank, who creates obstacles, ironically he is an employee of the drug enforcement administration. Hank’s wife is Marie, who is also encouraging her behavior. And son Walter Jr. sometimes does not behave reasonably. But all these twists and turns only play interest, let me reiterate more drama, from more sympathetic characters. As for me, Walt is easier for me to understand, his motivation is justified, his actions are very clear, so I was the only one who caused sympathy and I really feel sorry for him. It is a pity so much that at the end of the tape I fell into the sediment…

“Breaking bad” is a chic series, which is perfectly shot-the locations change the whole film from bright colors to dark depressing shades, with a variety of iridescent light, the camera adjusts to the mood, the same thing happens with the music. This is a drama of pure water, with a touch of crime, helps to understand not only the formation of the hero as a villain, but also in the psychology of people (it is clear that more colorful, but still). Of course, I recommend! All 5 seasons, 62 episodes, but no!