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  1. Others have also written much clearer synopsis, I am only here to gush.

    Fundamentally…using Silicon Valley you wo not have enough time to pause and believe as the deadpan silliness and amazingly deep funniness will probably just keep coming nonstop. The pacing, time, the punchiness and vigor market – well basically what things in comedy craft have been executed so freaking amazing and amazing and BRILLLLLLIANT-LY it is past my vocab…

    Who’d believe a series using some unfashionable geeks fumbling and b****ing about in their own make-shift incubator suburban open design kitchen cum office cum house with a swimming pool could be quite so appealing and rotf fun!

    Where did these celebrities come in? Where do this AAA writer manufacturer director team already been all those years? The world needs a lot more of the grade of performers thank you for TV show traders.

    The comedy is new yet timeless, cutting however human, first yet worldwide. Clearly there has been some critical analysis of this topic matter, evident comprehensive – or perhaps insider – comprehension of this techie civilization and industry. However it doesn’t make a difference if you’re to dot com startup culture or VC courtship dramas or never if you are an occasional ignorant Youtube surfer or internet shopper or voyeur you may associate and be attracted in.

    After all scathing sarcastic outbursts and play queen junk and deadpan cynical madness there’s still sweetness and heart – you will take care of the person issue and where they are going and shortly become sucked into binge observe manner.

    The way the Silicon Valley group did it, even together with such consistency, so I do not understand. Just see it and believe The Craft Speak for itself. 11/10 if it is possible.

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