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  1. As a developer and an program entrepreneur myself I definitely enjoyed the first two episodes up to now. I am hoping this is going to be a fantastic series all around.

    Btw I also enjoy other Mike Judge’s functions: the Beavis & Butthead animation series as well as the Idiocracy film.

    I have never been to California and never labored to get Google or Apple but I still understand that this western IT culture fairly well, along with the string makes great laugh. The principal character must have taken 10 thousand :-RRB- Currently the entire string will be about the way he gets trampled repeatedly from the vultures of capitalism. Should be interesting to watch.

    On a negative note, it is good to find movies eventually catching up with all the new realities of existence. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – those words today play a very important part in the lives of the huge share of the planet’s inhabitants, but film directors are far from such areas till now. :)

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