FIJI Water – Silicon Valley

  • FIJI Water
  • Silicon Valley Season 3, Episode 2: “Two in the Box”

FIJI Water – Silicon Valley TV Show Product Placement

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I’d learned so much about that series, so I checked it out and that the outcome would be really a love-hate relationship. I am not fond of all sit-coms, therefore that might be my primary complaint. That IS a sit-com – each line is really a “one-liner” that is generally followed by a laugh track. Thank goodness this isn’t an ‘over-the-air’ network that offer the laugh track will certainly be there (believe Big Bang Theory) Yuk. Rather, we’ve got a “Bored To Death’ – kind show with fantastic writing and actors, however, not much material. I’d have preferred slightly more dramatic texture with a bit intelligent comedy for a buffer, but that’s almost always a difficult format to bargain with in the delivery and writing. What I enjoy about the series is that the topic matter – Silicon Valley, ” start-ups, developer geeks, California, inexperienced entrepreneurs and also over-night millionaires. This makes for entertaining viewing, however, it leaves me with a “didn’t must watch” type of sense.