Dell PC – Silicon Valley

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  • Silicon Valley: Season 2, Episode 1

Dell PC - Silicon Valley TV Show Product Placement

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  1. Having said that, until today, not once have I ever felt the necessity to create a review.

    Silicon Valley if perhaps the funniest series I’ve seen. The only term to describe the characters is always wonderful. They work so well together the humor flows smoothly.

    I’m surprised to find this series is arriving from HBO. I’d expect a display such as this from Netflix although not HBO. But I have to commend them since they hit that one outside the park. I look ahead to what I expect is going to be a long-lasting series with a lot more seasons to come back.

    You can see from my profile I have been a member for a number of years haven’t ever written one overview, which means that you may be guaranteed that what I state is accurate. In case you haven’t noticed Silicon Valley you’re missing out. Go take a look!

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