Dell Monitor in Breaking Bad Season 2 Episode 5: Breakage (2009)

Dell Monitor in Breaking Bad Season 2 Episode 5: Breakage (2009) - TV Show Product Placement

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The series in the comments named one of the best in history. I personally do not understand what parameters are given such a high rating. The film itself is generally not bad. And directing, and acting, and shooting – all at a decent level. But for me personally, the format of the multi-season TV series is difficult, too much time-consuming, get tired of them. Yes, there are interesting TV shows of different genres, but … where’s so much time to view them? Of course, this is a purely personal opinion.

Now specifically about the tv show. And what the whole idea is he talking about? The fact that this is not an entertaining movie, it becomes clear from the first season. Moral throwing of heroes (Pinkman and white) suggest the idea that the filmmakers wanted to show a bit of Dostoevsky heroes. Doesn’t the theme of the film echo the problems of “Crime and punishment”? Of course, on the background of a more entertaining story.

What can not be done “bad” it would seem to know everything, but this knowledge is not enough to stop anyone. So in this film-the characters cross one “line” of prohibitions after another, but the viewer gradually begins to sympathize with their actions, even sometimes admire their ingenuity and transformation. Is it a bad example when a person from an amorphous henpecked turns into a confident man, overcoming his own illness? But the price paid by the heroes is prohibitive. So showed.

Both Pinkman and white had opportunities to get away with a crime… and money, and not yet up to their necks. It’s the same thing. It would be little producing drugs, bare her to trade, and after-live happily ever after? You’re just in time to stop. But, weak and infirm man … he needs even more. Is that it? In any case, it is not emphasized that it is bad to produce and trade drugs.

It is shown here that it is impossible to stop one’s own greed and there will be a reckoning for it. But life is different – how many drug dealers or other criminals repent of their deeds? I haven’t seen the statistics yet. And with payback like that, too not always it turns out – they sit on the money the same friends, run the same connections. Something does not hurt to write about those killed or planted EN masse mafia barons or kingpins. They grow old in the circle of their beloved children … in the comfort and respect of their loved ones. … If they observe the measure …

It turns out, this film is a warning to those who are going to be on a slippery slope. Say, men, do not overdo it in their appetites, and all you will be fine. Well, better than a schoolteacher, a paramedic, or a police officer. Good training, detailed.

Still. A lot of it in the film Goodies? I counted as many as one (if you do not take into account the minor characters) – this brother-in-law white-Hank, he is also part-time police Department of narcotics. And the only one who doesn’t change his principles until the end of the film. The rest-in a whole moral freaks, hysterics, and psychopaths. If the show at least a little bit shown the real characters of modern Americans, they are just sorry. Women are wild, the activity and persistence in matters where needed feminine tact and diplomacy. Men through one henpecked, including the main character.

Partner white – Jessie sometimes feels like a moral throwing, but it constantly blows on adventures, which could have been avoided. And all the adventures on his ass he finds himself and pulls him out of them Walter white. At the same time, the latter remains also guilty. He is also to blame for his wife, who, posing as a frightened honest Samaritan, in fact, turns out to be a depraved woman (with a long history of infidelity to her husband).

Therefore, the film leaves an ambiguous impression – on the one hand, it lampion action, with another – the melodrama, where there seems to have to sympathize with the main characters, but since they are all either criminals or deluded sinners, sympathy does not work. OK, really just Hank.

As a conclusion we can repeat – the film is learning the type of “Godfather” or “Once in America”, which shows “heavy days” noble mafia or those who, due to unavoidable circumstances, he decided to become such.

Sorry for the time spent, it was possible to reduce the film three times, then it would be more dynamic and perhaps more instructive.