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  1. To start with, this series is most likely not for everybody but even when you aren’t out of IT you might like it. For folks like me, who understands within the planet, its amusing.

    The characters has done so nicely, it barely feels as they are behaving, quite real and natural.

    I just finished the final episode of season two years and I had been on the border since it had been truly exciting finale. Sometimes I feel like kicking the Direct celebrity coz that he keep doing idiotic errors but thats the way the manufacturer wanted this series to function, to get us feel, so damn he must haven’t done this.

    The storyline is actually maintaining audience on the border and moves quite discreetly and logically forwards. Its a wonderful satire about the cliche of all IT industry. I see a few reference to Apple will arrive in year 3, coz that is the point where the series is going.

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