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  1. Excellent writing, great acting, nicely made… this series is far from evil. I would advise it, but just to a person from the perfect crowd. Obviously I’m not the target audience, being a female, even regardless of the fact I plan and usually love stuff like this. I do not wish to come away as crazed feministnonetheless, this series is under the belief that not many ladies exist at Silicon Valley and that 90 percent of girls are, such as, allergic to what to do with computers along with programming and software and so on. Surely not correct. And believe me, we aren’t that shallow that people just go after appealing sporty types and blow off “nerds”.

    Like the other reviewer, I will watch this series when I am bored since it is not the worst on tv and it also has its amusing moments, but also the disappointing female representation is quite a huge turn-off.

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