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  1. Should I’ve nothing better to do, then I will watch it. It is far better than many series on the market.

    It also visibly lacks female developers. It only appear somewhat unsettled for females.

    I am a female developer and that I code faster and better than all of the folks on my staff. Men cosmetics just HALF of this dev team. I am also the team direct (in both a technical and managing facet).

    I could not care less about what is between somebody’s legs.

    Irrespective of sex, how can you feel being handled as a sexual matter of curiosity, instead of a head to be honored? That is the one thing which bothers me.

  2. I quit halfway through Season 3 Episode 3 (obtained via initial two seasons constantly hoping it’d get better) and now here is my evaluation. Worst TV show I’ve watched in five decades, at the least. If a high school pupil passed from such scripts I would tap them on the back to trying. When they try to be amusing, it is heartbreakingly awful, such as viewing a stand up comic bomb. Truly bad. I don’t reside and work in Silicon Valley, so perhaps I am missing all of the REALLY inside comedy, but I don’t work in IT and that series is a humiliation. Don’t waste the next 30 minutes of the daily life. How this series comes with an 8.5 score is a enigma.

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