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  1. Silicon Valley is a HBO tech-series with of the normal stereotypes.

    The series intends to supply an unrealistic yet exceedingly permeable account of a startup business, aptly named ‘Pied Piper, who’s only produced a nextgen compression algorithm. Somewhat campy? Yes. On the other hand, the manufacturing value and composing would be on point, the acting is decent, and the outcome is a fun group of scenes that keeps one curious and expectant.

    Since the show is merely a couple incidents in, not a lot could be said on a bigger image, but so much the series is comparable to different HBO blips in a comparable vein.

    That networks such as HBO are under fire from internet content suppliers like Netflix and Hulu, I enjoy the current tendency: more artistic permit and much less plodding predictability.

    Thumbs up to your attempt since we could look forward to seeing this grow!

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