Ruffles, Burger King, Kellogg’s Eggo, Reese Puffs, Nabisco Ritz, KFC, Coors Light, Cheetos, Chips Ahoy!, Kellogg’s Froot Loops, Amazon Prime Box in To Catch a Killer (2023)

#3602 – To Catch a Killer (2023 film) Product Placement (Timecode – H01 M00 S01)

Maxwell House, Nissin Cup Noodles, General Mills Cheerios, Kellogg’s Froot Loops, Peanut Chews, Chock full o’Nuts, Folgers, Hershey’s Syrup, Nesquik, Twix, Twizzlers, Hostess in The Blacklist S10E11 “The Man in the Hat” (2023)

#1499 The Blacklist Season 10, Episode 11 (Timecode – H00 M24 S58)