WPIG “95.7 The Big Pig” FM Radio Station in Wayne’s World 2 (1993)

Hi! On Thursday, December 13, I analyzed a Movie and product placement was spotted: WPIG “95.7 The Big Pig” FM Radio Station in Wayne’s World 2 (1993).

Here are 7 image(s) below:

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  1. FWIW, this isn’t “product placement.” Product placement, in traditional terms, is when a company pays to have their product prominently positioned (or mentioned) in movies, TV, music, etc. I used to work for WPIG-FM in Olean, NY. The station did NOT pay for placement in the film, and that logo was never used. In fact, for the producers to use WPIG in the film, they had to get permission from the owners of the station. They created their own logo, as it was cheaper than licensing the actual station logo. There are also deleted scenes that feature the station mascot. The producers flew one of our employees to the set to monitor the filming of the radio scenes and to wear the mascot costume in the film.

    There was another film (low budget independent film… The name escapes me at the moment) that licensed WPIG, but used a different frequency. This was also not product placement, as the station did not pay the producers for their name to be associated with the film.

    Also of note… The real station WPIG came into existence long after the fictitious station WPIG on the television series “WKRP in Cincinnati.”

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