Featured Items Seen On Screen:

Smart Wireless - Bates Motel
SKT – Train To Busan (2016)
Alpinestars – CHIPS (2017)
Chevrolet Camaro Car (Red) – CHIPS (2017)
Chevrolet Suburban Cars – CHIPS (2017)
Nike Men's Pants – CHIPS (2017)
SheaMoisture And Dove – CHIPS (2017)
Verizon Sign/Building in The Dark Tower (2017)
Southwestern Bell Payphones in American Made (2017)
US West Payphone Used by Alec Baldwin in The Getaway (1994)


  1. After finding out Eldon Tyrell is the person he is looking for and that JF Sebastian can get him in to see Tyrell, Batty slowly asks Chew, who is freezing,

  2. The model makers and video cam teams were also remarkable to provide very realistic scenes and situations making you feel as if you are really there or somehow under water watching the subs dance around.

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