Featured Items Seen On Screen:

Sony Smartphone – Spectre (2015)
Apple iPod – The Hollars (2016)
Sony Ericsson C902 mobile phone used by Daniel Craig in QUANTUM OF SOLACE (2008)
Beats by Dre headphones in DON'T by Ed Sheeran (2014)
Beats by Dre Pill portable loudspeaker in BITCH DON'T KILL MY VIBE by Kendrick Lamar (2013)
Beats by Dre - DeJ Loaf - No Fear
Sony TV & HBO – Friends with Benefits (2011)
Seagram's Wine Cooler and Nikon F3 Posters – Nothing in Common (1986)
AKG K140 Headphones used by Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde (2017)
Sony TV and McDonald's Food in The Mask (1994)


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