Patek Philippe Men's Watch in Beverly Hills Cop 2 (1987)

Hi! On Friday, February 5, I analyzed a Movie and product placement was spotted: Patek Philippe Men’s Watch in Beverly Hills Cop 2 (1987).

Here are 1 image(s) below:

Patek Philippe Men's Watch in Beverly Hills Cop 2 (1987)


  1. I’m no watch connoisseur but I do have a fascination with them and I’ve had that fascination for many years. I’ve done a lot of reading up on them as well.After closer inspection on that watch, the crystal appeared to be made out acrylic. Not saying that I’m some expert on the Patek Philippe,but I have to imagine, a watch of that stature would more than likely have a crystal made out of glass. No self-respecting Swiss watchmaker of whom charges tens of thousands of dollars for their watches, would have a crystal made out of plastic. Furthermore it’s dubious the word “QUARTZ” would appear anywhere on it as well. That watch would say Patek Philippe, followed with GENIEVE & finally Swiss Made, would appear prominently on the bottom. I don’t believe this was product placement. I believe that was a fake.

    1. I think you also believe he didn’t have a thousand dollar suit nor a hundred thousands Ferrari. Do you even pay attention on the film’s plot?

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