Featured Items Seen On Screen:

Big Gulp - The Wire
Starbucks – Ray Donovan
Coca-Cola – Miami Supercops (1985)
Burger King – Train To Busan (2016)
Diet Coke can drunk by Kevin Spacey in HOUSE OF CARDS: CHAPTER 18 (2014)
Café Pilon, Café Caribe and El Pico Coffee – Moscow on the Hudson (1984)
Diedrich Coffee House & USA Today Newspapers – What Women Want (2000)
Coca-Cola – Taxi Driver (1976)
McDonald's, Drake's Ring Dings and Coca-Cola – Taxi Driver (1976)
Mountain Dew and Adidas Tracksuits - Dude, Where’s My Car? (2000)


  1. Incredible action interesting customs and story lines, it is during a time when life was very difficult and staying alive was day to day!

  2. It is lengthy and with a lot of story development, an honestly good movie considering its a comic evolved – great job & well-done!

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