Featured Items Seen On Screen:

Don Julio tequila in CHI-RAQ (2015)
Smirnoff vodka drunk by Ewan McGregor in THE GHOST WRITER (2010)
Luc Belaire sparkling wine in BUGATTI by Ace Hood (2013)
Red River Brewing Neon Sign – Michael (1996)
Apple iMac G3 Computer - What Women Want (2000)
Bud Light Sign in Ozark “Tonight We Improvise” (2017)
Budweiser Neon Sign in Ozark “Tonight We Improvise” (2017)
Barossa Valley Estate Wine Drunk by Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steele) and James Dornan (Christian Gr...
Schlitz Beer Can in Stranger Things: Madmax (2017)
Budweiser Beer Pack (Box) in American Made (2017)


  1. I honestly was not sure what to think of a new movie and a different take on it but this was better than the last and it was a fun enjoyable movie.

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