Featured Items Seen On Screen:

Apple Macbook Pro Laptops - The Gambler (2014)
Keyboard by HP – Fantastic Four (2015)
Dell Laptop - Triple 9 (2016)
Harmless Harvest And Macbook Air - Silicon Valley
YouTube website and Lenovo x Microsoft laptop in GHOSTBUSTERS (2016)
Dell monitors and laptop in THE LAST STAND (2013)
Samsung Notebook ATIV Book 9 Plus laptop used by Ken Marino in VERONICA MARS (2014)
Apple PowerBook – Sex and the City (2008)
Apple MacBook Pro Laptop And Youtube Website in Brigsby Bear (2017)
Dell Notebook Used by Eddie Jemison in Ocean’s Thirteen (2007)


  1. I always tell friends from foreign lands that if they want to know something about America, they must watch “The Right Stuff.

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