Featured Items Seen On Screen:

Coca-Cola – The Road Within (2014)
Pepsi Bottle - Orange Is the New Black
Pepsi – The Hard Way (1991)
Burger King – Train To Busan (2016)
TAB – Zero Effect (1998)
Coca-Cola - ELF (2003)
Zico Coconut Water & Spam Burgers – Going in Style (2017)
Coca-Cola Signs – Taxi Driver (1976)
Folgers Coffee in Stranger Things: The Spy (2017)
Diet Coke Drink by Mandy Moore and Heather Matarazzo in Saved! (2004)


  1. So many of the bad reviews are from people who don’t have a grasp on history, or who have too much of a grasp on it and didn’t see any deeper into the movie past their simple opinions about religion; they are trying to understand something having absolutely no idea what they are seeing.

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