Featured Items Seen On Screen:

HP Monitor And Apple Macbook Pro 15 - Our Brand Is Crisis (2015)
Dell Notebooks – London Has Fallen (2016)
Dell Notebooks - Money Monster (2016)
Apple laptop used by Maggie Siff in BILLIONS: PILOT (2016)
Dell monitor - IRON MAN (2008)
Dell monitor used by Marlon Wayans in THE HEAT (2013)
Dell Monitor, Microsoft Windows and Skype - Going in Style (2017)
GQ, Skyy Vodka, Loudmouth Golf And Sony VAIO Notebook – Friends with Benefits (2011)
Dell Notebook And Apple iPhone – Sex and the City (2008)
Cisco Phone and Apple MacBook Laptop Used by Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steele) in Fifty Shades Darke...


  1. Contains never-before-seen added/extended scenes; added lines; new/improved special effectsalthough, still, no computer generated effects; director/filmmaker commentary, an all-new digital audio track and more.

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