Featured Items Seen On Screen:

Cadillac Escalade - Silicon Valley
Jaguar XJR – Ride Along 2 (2016)
Audi S8 D4 car in FIFTY SHADES OF GREY (2015)
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7 Car in HOLE IN A BOTTLE by Canaan Smith (2015)
Audi S8 D4 (2012) car in THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED (2015)
Bentley Continental GT (2011) car in DAREDEVIL: STICK (2015)
Porsche 911 Carrera Cabrio [996] car in CASINO JACK (2010)
Buick LaCrosse (2014) car driven by Mahershala Ali in HOUSE OF CARDS: CHAPTER 35 (2015)
Land Rover Range Rover Series III in PLASTIC (2014)
Cadillac Car (White) Used by Tom Cruise in American Made (2017)


  1. Although somewhat predictable in places but if you have seen many of this type of movies they have to be unless the heroes all die, or something.

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