Featured Items Seen On Screen:

Jack Daniels whisky in PIXELS (2015)
Dom Perignon champagne in BROWN SUGAR (2002)
Budweiser Beer – Gifted (2017)
GQ, Skyy Vodka, Loudmouth Golf And Sony VAIO Notebook – Friends with Benefits (2011)
Budweiser, Heineken Beer Signs and Deer Park Water – The Departed (2006)
Coors Beer in Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)
Dom Pérignon Champagne in The Italian Job (2003)
Molson Canadian Beer in The Sentinel (2006)
Tecate Beer Posters in The Getaway (1994)
Bud Light and Beck's Sapphire Neon Signs in Bright (2017)


  1. It’s an unrefined and impotent version of what would later become the most powerful scene and signature moment of this movie.

  2. Introducing a character to the group of teammates on a suicide mission just before the leave on the mission with pretty much zero backstory is a great way to scream “red shirt.

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