Featured Items Seen On Screen:

Budweiser beer drunk by Matthew McConaughey in Fool's Gold (2008)
Heineken beer bottles in TWO FOR THE MONEY (2005)
Rolling Rock beer in THE DEER HUNTER (1978)
Don Julio tequila and Grey Goose vodka in THE OTHER WOMAN (2014)
New Amsterdam vodka, Tanqueray gin, Ketel One vodka, Grey Goose vodka, Ciroc Vodka, Bombay Saphire g...
Dom Perignon champagne in U.O.E.N.O. by Rocko (2013)
Johnnie Walker – What Women Want (2000)
Budweiser Beer – Bad Boys (1995)
Schlitz Beer in Stranger Things: The Body (2016)
Corona Beer in The House Bunny (2008)


  1. Though I cannot speak for him, and I apply this thought as a form of parallelism, Tolkien in his Monsters and the Critics certainly called for a better balance, and I have to agree.

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