Featured Items Seen On Screen:

Samsung Smartphone - Orange Is the New Black
Blue Microsoft Lumia Smartphone – Vacation (2015)
Apple iPhone 5/5S - Silicon Valley
Apple iPhone mobile phone used by Keanu Reeves in JOHN WICK (2014)
Nokia mobile phone used by Amy Adams in MAN OF STEEL (2013)
Nokia 500 mobile phone used by Thomas Kretschmann in PLASTIC (2014)
Apple iPhone mobile phone, Beats Music app and Beats by Dre Pill XL speaker in NEW FLAME by Chris Br...
Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone used by Becky G in PLAY IT AGAIN (2013)
Sony Xperia android mobile phone used by Avril Lavigne in ROCK N ROLL (2013)
Nokia Lumia Microsoft Windows Phone used by Katy Perry in ROAR (2013)


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