Bargain Hunt – Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016)

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Bargain Hunt - Bridget Jones's Baby (2016) Movie Product Placement

Bargain Hunt is a British television programme in which two pairs of contestants are challenged to buy antiques from shops or a fair and then sell them in an auction for a profit. It has aired on BBC One since 13 March 2000 in a daytime version, and from 22 August 2002 to 13 November 2004 in a primetime version. Presenter Tim Wonnacott replaced original host David Dickinson from 2003 to January 2016. When Wonnacott ceased presenting, the format changed to a rota of hosts from a “team of experts” fronting the series. First to replace Tim was Thomas Plant on January 25, 2016, followed by Christina Trevanion, Charlie Ross, Paul Laidlaw, Natasha Raskin, Anita Manning, Charles Hanson and Eric Knowles.

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  1. Although, unless all buried in a mass grave, it`d probably be a hassle to find/risk getting seen burying, maybe cadaver dogs finding, burying I forgot how many bodies.

  2. I think it’s fun that they included the spiritual aspect of the people of the time an how it did or didn’t affect their choices.

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