Featured Items Seen On Screen:

Dell Notebook - Billions
Apple iMac Computer – I Love You, Man (2009)
Dell laptop used by Charlie Cox in DAREDEVIL: SHADOWS IN THE GLASS (2015)
Toshiba laptop used by Israel Broussard in THE BLING RING (2013)
Apple iPhone mobile phone used by Nicole Badaan in BORN TO RACE: FAST TRACK (2014)
Apple iPhone 5 mobile phone and Beats by Dre Pill portable loudspeakers in WHO DO YOU LOVE by YG (20...
Beats by Dre/HP Envy Notebook - FOREVER - Drake (2009)
Dell Notebook & Microsoft Windows Logo - Going in Style (2017)
Apple iPad in "Ozark" Blue Cat (2017)
Apple Watch Used by Ty Burrell in Modern Family: Sex, Lies & Kickball (2017)


  1. Poor overdubbing makes it almost impossible to understand to the point where I needed to turn on rewatch those scenes a couple of times and turn on captions in order to understand them.

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