BMW 3 Series Convertible Car in The Society – Season 1, Episode 1, What Happened (2019)

Hi! On Sunday, May 12, I analyzed a TV Show and product placement was spotted: BMW 3 Series Convertible Car in The Society – Season 1, Episode 1, What Happened (2019).

Here are 8 image(s) below:

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  1. Good morning Sergey,
    you have a great collection of product placements here!

    Just watched the first episode of “Society”.
    Though for a longer not a Teeny anymore, really like this new series.
    Many riddles to solve and as already pointed out by others, I think also:
    The plot bases on the fairy tale / legend “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”.

    You probably realized, there are much more product placements in this show (e.g. zillion cellphones).
    Connected with hints about what’s going on:
    Yep, I put the text in, so, as the young lady asks herself:
    Why is it green?
    A reference to David Lynch’s Inland Empire (2006)?
    Or Brian Eno’s Another green World (1975)?
    Or Fridays for Future Movement for a green world? (joke)

    Now cruising through the night looking for the meaning of the license plate:
    JQ 05471 I (Connecticut – Constitution State !)…filming was in Massachusetts.
    For sure that means something…thought at a Bible passage, but didn’t find any till now.
    Maybe you have an idea?

    And though BMW Convertible is a great car (needed to say that, right?) it’s simply what it is:
    Now it becomes spooky here, my computer freezed for a short…Ahhhhhhh!
    Well, not so spooky…too much windows open.
    Will better go sleeping for a few hours, birdies start to sing…a hint, a hint! ☺

    Friendly greetings from Berlin / Germany!

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