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    Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    Based on the tone of the show, the content, how much you like the title, etc. Most shows have titles that fit, but which ones are just perfect?

    Let's Discuss Most Popular TV Shows! ;)



    I like Fringe’s title. It’s simple, snappy, and neatly covers the subject matter of the story, which [explores the fringes of people’s personalities through the lens of fringe science](https://www.wired.com/2008/09/qa-the-two-head/). It also calls to mind the right sort of tone for a science fiction series involving powerful, shadowy figures and organizations, i.e., fringe conspiracy theory territory, as well as those on the fringes of society.



    Trailer Park Boys



    Breaking Bad






    Terriers, Cougar Town, Trophy Wife, Selfie



    To me, the best names not only really nail what the show is about, but are also poetic. I really like Homeland, American Vandal, Bloodline and Six Feet Under, but my favorites are Babylon Berlin and True Detective. Those are the ones you could write whole essays about.



    Suits. Because they wear suits, but they also deal with lawsuits



    Terriers… had so much baggage to overcome with the name the brilliant tv show couldn’t even handle it



    Mindhunter and Halt and Catch Fire both sound cool. Same with Mad Men.



    The Walking Dead.

    I found it was a catchy name and it has the double meaning where humans are the true ‘Walking Dead’.



    My Mother, The Car



    Not sure which specific one, but it would have to be some random anime title. Lots of shows with weird and/or long titles for no apparent reason, and I like that.



    That’s My Bush



    True detective and Quarry



    Brooklyn nine-nine. They work in the 99th precinct in Brooklyn…. Hence the title.



    A few faves:

    * Buffy the Vampire Slayer – has that awesome pulp ring to it, the perfect mix of cutesy and gory, and perfectly sells the tone of the show (at its peak)
    * Halt and Catch Fire – one of those that has that poetic ring to it, and the meaning grows as the show does
    * Cowboy Bebop – it’s just the greatest set of syllables. And the melding of the two (that seem like they’d never fit) is perfect



    * **King of the Hill** – Excellent play on words, and describes Hank’s never ending struggle to *stay on top* of the wacky situations he encounters.

    * **House** – Is the protagonist’s name, simple to remember and has a somewhat eerie tone, but also is a play on words (show is a modern medical version of Sherlock Holmes: Holmes > Homes > House)

    * **Black Mirror** – Describes something unsettling and weird when taken literally, but is quite fitting when you realize it’s a reference to what you see when you turn off a television screen, reminding you that the macabre stories of the show are *reflections* of reality/possible future if mankind doesn’t change its relationship with digital technology (I know it’s kind of ham-fisted, but that’s Charlie Brooker lol)



    Knight Rider

    See, his last name was Knight, and he rode in a car. And knight and night are hominems. And…

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