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    This definitely isn’t the place to post this but someone did something wonderful for me and I squandered it, and for my own sake I need to do something, anything, to make up for that.

    Tonight I went to see 2001 A Space Odyssey at the Music Box Theater in Chicago. This is the third time I’ve been privileged with seeing it in theaters so I decided that I should finally do what young hippies have been doing for 50 years and get high off my ass before watching. I arrive at the theater and get in line, and the edible I ate is in full effect. I don’t use the stuff much so it’s very effective every time. I reach the front of the line completely spaced out and ask for a ticket, and with a smirk the attendant tells me “the girl just ahead of you in line already paid for it.”

    I already have my debit card in hand ready to pay, and it takes a second for this to sink in. I even had to double check to make sure I heard right. I turn around to see who paid for it, and I see a very cute girl walking away now halfway across the lobby. “Wow. Ok. Thanks… .” Is all I manage to say, to nobody in particular. So I take the ticket, and my high ass stumbles my way into the theater and I find a seat by myself and watch the movie. I didn’t pursue her, didn’t ask her name or get her number, didn’t even say thank you. I feel terrible about it!

    So, cute girl in the Chicago area who buys tickets for shmucks in arthouse theaters, if you are out there and somehow come across this, please let me know! Whether it was out of the kindness of your heart or for other reasons I’d love to meet up and catch a movie. The next one is on me :)

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    Adam Sandler you blew it.gif




    Damn son.



    Here’s an up-vote in hopes she sees this. Good luck!



    You should post this to craigslist “missed connections” i read that shit for fun st when I’m super bored, maybe she does too! Jat

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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