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    I think this is my favorite from Burton. Just watched for the first time in a very long time. I’m a different man than the first time I saw this movie. It hit me that I don’t really have a connection with my dad, just like the son in the movie. It’s ok, it just hit me like a ton of bricks this time.

    What do you think of this movie? Has time changed your perception of this movie or any other movie?

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    Got real dusty in the theater at the end of that one.



    I adore this movie. I’m in the same boat where I consider it Burton’s best work to date. (Although I haven’t seen his past several movies, maybe I missed something great?)

    It’s helped me gain a deeper appreciation not only for family, but also for the power of storytelling and how the truth of a story is not necessarily the same thing as the facts or lack thereof.



    Big Fish and Edward Scissorhands are my favorite Tim Burton movies. I always give the edge to Big Fish though. I just love how it’s more of a subtle movie from Tim Burton, but his flair and style is still there. And when the Tim Burton style comes in, it actually fits really well. Love the performances from everyone in the cast. It’s funny, sad, heartbreaking but beautiful. Love Danny Elfman’s score too. I’ll cry every time too lol. 10/10



    Fantastic movie. Really enjoyed the ending. Reminded me in a way of Secondhand Lions.



    One of my all time favorites. I honestly think it is Tim Burton’s best phone, and I absolutely love Ewan McGregor in the lead. And I have no problem believing that he and Albert Finney were the same character. Masterful performance is from both. Billy Crudup is another one of my favorite actors and he excels in this. Then of course there is the rug gallery of freak characters, which Danny Devito is amongst the best.



    Love this movie. The ending scene is beautiful



    I’m close with my dad, he’s still alive, but this movie hits me right in the feels. There are times were we fight a lot because i disagree with things he says and he also tells a lot of incredible stories of his youth, so he reminds me of Edward Bloom. Just the thought that one day we will be in the same position as them makes me feel sad but the ending cheers me up.

    I read a quote here on reddit that was “The day the child realizes that all adults are imperfect, he becomes an adolescent; the day he forgives them, he becomes an adult; the day he forgives himself, he becomes wise” by Alden Nowlan. I’ve never read more about him but it kind of encapsules the parent-child dynamic overall and the story shows the grow of Will “becoming adult” throughout the movie.



    Favorite Tim Burton movie. Didn’t love the final ending but enjoyed the dad’s exaggerated life.



    “She likes, MUSIC!”

    Big BIG fan of this movie.



    Crazy to admit, but I haven’t been a Burton fan for a long time. This move though, I adore this movie.



    One of my favorite movie endings, along with Seven, and The Usual Suspects.

    I love the scene where time stops, and the popcorn hits the ground as he walks through it.

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