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    I’ve loved Moneyball for years, this isn’t some new realization or anything.

    Earlier tonight, I had a splitting headache and just generally felt like crap, so I decided to put a movie on and lay in bed. I went through my library, looking for a talk-heavy movie, no action (loud noises) or anything with jarring music cues… and I decided on Moneyball because I haven’t watched it in at least a year.

    I thought it would just be background noise that I might be able to fall asleep to… but it sucked me in just the same as it did the first time. By the end I was fully invested and wiping tears from my eyes.

    It is one of the few dozen capital-p Perfect films that I know of. It can’t be improved!

    I just love feeling this way after rediscovering something and/or finding out something holds up after a long time.

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    I know nothing about baseball but still really enjoyed this movie and learned a few new things



    At first, I really liked Moneyball as a baseball fan and as I’ve grown older I have really started appreciating it as a movie fan. It really is great.



    Yup awesome movie and i even used that ‘shit’ reference back in college.



    Yeah the more I have watched it the more I have like it. It’s in my top 10 now. I absolutely love it.



    This movie proved to me that Jonah Hill is a damn fine actor.



    Love this movie, not much I’m able to add to this conversations, but on this point

    > looking for a talk-heavy movie

    The King’s Speech, is pretty good for this.



    It is one of the best business movies in recent memory. If I had to guide a business through a transformation, I would show them this movie.

    It shows all the different types of people and their reaction to change. Early adopters, slow to get it but on board, to openly hostile.



    I loved the score too. Really adds to the film and complements the scenes really well.



    Might be my favorite sports movie of all time. Top 25 movie all time overall



    And it’s legally streaming nowhere right now. Damn you OP for reminding me of my love for moneyball and not being able to watch it.



    That moment at the end when Billy lays out on the field and says “I wanted to win here so bad…”

    I felt that. Even as a lowly Giants fan, I felt that.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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