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    Behind the scenes look at the Joker

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    They are going to take my favorite villain and completely ruin him……. I don’t have much faith in this at all I hope I’m wrong



    Reminds me too much of heath ledger’s joker. I think they should use purple and green for the paint colors instead of red and blue. Maybe green eyebrows with purple shadowing around the eyes. Keep the red smile.



    I dig it, is the movie going for some 70s the warriors shit?



    This heath ledger mixed with JW Gacy needs to go lol



    I’m guessing the hate is blind because it’s something different but from what I’ve seen I’m digging his joker and it might be the first DC movie I watch since BvS



    Jesis fucking christ! Calmn down people, Joaquin know what he’s doing.



    Take my money, DC.



    Looks awesome. I wasnt excited for this film until I saw teaser 30 sec clip of him in makeup. I’m getting Taxi Driver vibe from this.



    that’s a vintage-looking joker! I like it! But I think he needs purple clothes



    Holy shit this looks great. Has everyone who is complaining about this film just forgotten how incredible Phoenix is at acting?

    I doubt it will be anything like Ledger’s portrayal but I’m glad that it’s visually closer to the Ledger joker than Leto’s (obviously.)



    Really digging this look. Being an Elseworld story of some kind I’m actually glad they’re not doing the classic look, especially after seeing this deranged look they’re actually going for. They have found a way to both go for something classic and recognizable and something fresh and new. This guy looks insane and creepy. My interest in this movie is growing with every little snippet.



    All the people in the background with the mask. Looks like he’s tossing one off. Green slick backed hair. That’s gotta be intentional. Throwback to TDK opening scene.

    Edit: guy holding a sign says “Clown 4 Mayor”, and another says “Wake Up”.

    …Oh **that** is intentional and I just got a billion times more interested in this movie.



    Seeing all the hate, I’m starting to think that people have no idea what Joaqin Phoenix is capable of…



    That first pic is amazing. I actually have really high hopes for this movie, I’ve never seen Phoenix give even a mediocre performance



    If I were an actor, I would be too intimidated to follow in Jack Nicholson’s and Heath Ledger’s shoes.



    Why is Reddit getting such a hard on for this?



    His walk looks straight out of the comics.



    Couldn’t really care less what how the Joker looks like, whether he is Ledger-type, Leto-type, crime boss, a deranged loner, ex-circus member, failed comedian who dropped into a vat of acid etc etc.

    The writing counts and I believe in the writing solely because I believe Joaquin Phoenix wouldn’t have gone for this role with a bad script.



    Looks like shit.

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