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    1. Catherine O’Hara revealed in 2014, that Macaulay Culkin still calls her “Mom”.
    2. The picture Kevin finds of Buzz’s girlfriend was a picture of a boy made up to look like a girl, because Director Chris Columbus thought it would be too cruel to make fun of a girl like that. The boy that was used in the photo was the Art Director’s son.
    3. John Candy improvised all of his lines. This is a trademark of writer John Hughes, who also had the five students in his earlier The Breakfast Club (1985), improvise when they told one another why they were in detention.
    4. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern felt indifferent about the movie’s potential during shooting, so they intentionally gave over-the-top performances, neither one of them believing the film would become a massive success.
    5. The line, “You guys give up, or are you thirsty for more?” was improvised.
    6. Joe Pesci kept forgetting that he was filming a family movie during his character’s on-screen outbursts, so Chris Columbus advised him to say “fridge” instead of the “f” word.
    7. The movie that Kevin watches on video tape is not a real film, but footage specially created. It was called “Angels With Filthy Souls”. Along with other similar era references in the movie, this is a play upon the movie Angels with Dirty Faces (1938) starring James Cagney.
    8. The ornaments on which Marv steps were actually candy.
    9. Macaulay Culkin drew the map that his character uses to set up the traps.
    10. Macaulay Culkin’s stunt double was a very short thirty-year-old man.
    11. Marv’s lines, “Why the hell are you dressed like a chicken”, and, “Maybe he committed suicide”, were improvised by Daniel Stern.
    12. The concept for this movie originated during the filming of a scene in Uncle Buck (1989), in which Macaulay Culkin plays a character who interrogates a would-be sitter through the letter opening in the front door.
    13. During rehearsal for the scene where Harry attempts to bite off Kevin’s finger, Joe Pesci actually bit Macaulay Culkin, leaving a small scar.
    14. John Candy filmed his part in only one day, albeit a twenty-three-hour day. The story about having once forgotten his son at a funeral home was entirely improvised. His part potentially partly inspired by the character he played in Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987), also written by John Hughes.
    15. This film was entered into The Guinness Book of World Records as the “Highest Box-Office Gross – Comedy”, accumulating four hundred seventy-six million dollars worldwide.
    16. Daniel Stern wore rubber feet for his barefoot scenes, similarly to Bruce Willis as John McClane in Die Hard (1988).
    17. Everyone on-set was amazed with how mature and professional Macaulay Culkin was. Joe Pesci told Entertainment Weekly, “Mac is not like a nine-year-old. He’s an old man already.”
    18. A deleted scene has a shot of Marv and Harry singing their own demented version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.
    19. The last scene filmed was the one in which Kevin is running through the water-filled basement. It was filmed at the local high school’s swimming pool.
    20. In May 2011, the house in Kenilworth, Illinois. used in the film, was listed for sale at 2.4 million dollars. It sold in March 2012 for 1.585 million dollars. The house is promoted as a tourist attraction, and cited as an example of “How to Get Your Home in the Movies”.
    21. The filmmakers wanted Daniel Stern for the role of Marv right away, but couldn’t afford him. The first actor they hired had no chemistry with Joe Pesci, so the studio caved and cast Stern.
    22. The sled that Kevin uses when sledding down the stairs, which can also be seen next to the television when Kevin is watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966), is in Chris Columbus’ office. The entire cast signed it.
    23. Despite filming a family movie, Daniel Stern once slipped in the “s” word, which can be heard when he is retrieving his boot through the doggy door at 53:12 on the DVD, as well as being shown in the English subtitle.
    24. The scene in which Kevin is buying a toothbrush was the first scene that was shot for the movie.
    25. John Hughes was worried that mothers would never believe a family could forget one of their kids. Chris Columbus recalled, “John really filled in every possible logic hole, and the audience always bought it.”
    26. Chris Columbus was previously hired by John Hughes to direct National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989). After meeting with Chevy Chase, however, it became clear to Columbus that the two of them would not get along, so he asked Hughes if there were any other projects he could work on instead. Home Alone (1990) was one of the options presented to him.
    27. The movie is considered a traditional Christmas movie in Poland. It has aired on national television during primetime Christmas season every year since 1990. In 2011, the movie aired on December 23, with an audience of over five million, making it the most popular show aired during the Christmas season in Poland.
    28. According to Chris Columbus, during an interview with Alec Baldwin, on Baldwin’s podcast “Here’s the Thing”, John Heard was unhappy about working on the film, feeling that the film was going to be terrible. However, upon seeing the finished film and its subsequent success, Heard apologized to Columbus when they were shooting his scenes on the film’s sequel, having broken character before his first take to tell Columbus. Columbus says he still had footage of Heard’s apology on video tape.
    29. When nine-year-old Macaulay Culkin got tired on-set, he would just lie down on the ground and sleep between takes.
    30. Although the part was written especially for Macaulay Culkin by John Hughes, several hundred other boys were auditioned by Chris Columbus. According to the DVD Commentary, Columbus was hesitant to cast Culkin, because John Hughes had so recently cast him in Uncle Buck (1989), and didn’t want to appear as a pushover in the film community. It was only after auditioning all the other young actors, that he realized Culkin was, in fact, the best choice for the part.
    31. Chris Columbus would ask Joe Pesci to do his “How am I funny?” speech from Goodfellas (1990) on-set. In fact, Pesci was to have a similar scene with Daniel Stern, defensively questioning him about having an edge. This scene was deleted.
    32. John Williams stepped in when the original Composer backed out. The filmmakers never thought they could get Williams, but he saw an early cut of the movie, and was “enchanted”.
    33. The “evil furnace” in the basement was done by two guys with fishing line and flashlights.
    34. Despite Kevin being home alone, he is never seen in his own room.
    35. The movie originally had more scenes of the family in France, but test audiences wanted to get back to Kevin.
    36. The role of Uncle Frank was written for Kelsey Grammer.
    37. Robert De Niro turned down the role of Harry.
    38. The highest-grossing movie of 1990 domestically. Ghost (1990) was the year’s highest-grossing movie worldwide.
    39. Old Man Marley was not in the original screenplay.
    40. The heating implement Kevin uses to heat the doorknob, is an electric charcoal starting tool for barbecue grills.
    41. The poster and video box image of Kevin with his hands on his face and screaming is based on the famous painting “The Scream” by Edvard Munch.
    42. There is a legend that Elvis Presley (who died in 1977) makes a cameo in this movie. Many of those who believe that Elvis is still alive maintain that the heavily bearded man standing in the background of the scene where Mrs. McCallister is shouting at the desk clerk (just before she meets John Candy) is Elvis.
    43. When the McCallisters are running through the Paris airport toward the arrivals section, Uncle Rob and his family can be briefly glimpsed on the other side of the glass doors holding a large paper “Welcome” sign. Originally, there was a scene (featured on DVD and Blu-ray) with the McCallisters ignoring the sign and tearing it in half by running right through it, but it was cut from the film.
    44. The wax-and-plastic snow used in this film was given to the Lyric Opera of Chicago when shooting finished. It has since been used in numerous opera productions.
    45. To promote a stronger Christmas feel, red and green are major reoccurring colors throughout the movie, appearing quite conspicuously in almost every scene. This includes furniture, clothing, food containers, and all wallpaper.
    46. In 2015, Macaulay Culkin reprised the iconic role of Kevin McCallister in the first episode of the Internet comedy series “DRYVRS”. In that show, Kevin has grown up and become a long-haired, messed-up, foul-mouthed, bitter, and mentally unstable psychopath, who tells Jack (Jack Dishel) about the events of “Home Alone”, and then kidnaps the carjacker who tries to steal his car, ties him up, and tortures him. The episode ends with a bloody-faced Kevin making his signature scream at the carjacker.
    47. Chris Columbus’ biggest fear as a kid was burglars. It’s part of why he wanted to make this movie.
    48. Soon after this film, Hillary Wolf (Meagan) quit acting, and became a member of the U.S. Olympic Judo team.
    49. Chris Columbus wanted the booby trap with Marv getting hit in the face with a household object sent down the laundry chute, but he couldn’t think of one to use, so his brother-in-law suggested a clothes iron.
    50. Chris Columbus had storyboarded a few scenes in which Kevin would have dreams where the house comes to life. One included the evil furnace in the basement, which would come to life and chase him to the stairs on all fours, and another where several toy nutcrackers would come to life, along with the house. The scenes, however, were too expensive on such a tight budget, and the ideas were dropped.
    51. Several of Chris Columbus’ family members made cameos in the film: His mother-in-law and his daughter Eleanor Columbus were passengers on the plane. His wife Monica Devereux-Columbus was a stewardess, and his father-in-law played the Police Officer who gives the line “tell them to count their kids again.”
    52. Mr. Marley’s hand wound may symbolize his relationship with his son. In his first scene with Kevin, his hand is heavily wrapped in gauze. At this point in time, he and his son are not on speaking terms. Their next scene is in the church, where he confides in Kevin the falling out they had. In this scene, he is wearing only a band-aid. In his last scene, while hugging his granddaughter, his hand is completely healed.
    53. Macaulay Culkin was only allowed to work on-set five hours a day, because of child labor laws. The crew planned out the scenes around his schedule, putting him on-camera alone a lot.
    54. Chris Columbus cast Joe Pesci, because he was one of his heroes, although he didn’t think he’d get him for such a broadly comedic role.
    55. Kevin’s homemade inventions may reflect Chris Columbus’ love of inventions, which crop up in films he’s scripted, like Gremlins (1984), The Goonies (1985) and Young Sherlock Holmes (1985), which were all produced by Steven Spielberg. He and Columbus are big fans of the James Bond series, perhaps because of the inventions in there too.
    56. The look for Marv and Harry was based on Fagin, the thief in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.
    57. Chris Farley auditioned for Santa Claus.
    58. Little Nero’s Pizza is a parody of Little Caesar’s Pizza. Caesar and Nero are famous names in Roman history.
    59. According to Chris Columbus, Kevin Nordine did all the effects for the film in his parents’ basement in Chicago by drawing all the effects onto the film. He also did the effects for only a few hundred dollars at a time.
    60. The statue in the front of the house was hit four times. Twice by the pizza delivery man, once by the airport shuttle, and once by a Police Officer.
    61. A fake burnt head was used for the blowtorch scene. Chris Columbus still has it in his office.
    62. John Williams’ score for the film, is a song called “Somewhere In My Memory”. It is used mainly on the soundtrack for the first two “Home Alone” films. However, he did a couple of different recordings of the song itself. The full song, done with vocals, is on the Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992) music track with Bette Midler.
    63. The police station was actually a high school office.
    64. Jeffrey Wiseman who played the inquisitive neighbor, Mitch Murphy, auditioned for the role of Kevin McCallister.
    65. After securing Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, and Daniel Stern, Chris Columbus felt confident enough to cast actors and actresses who were his heroes growing up, like Catherine O’Hara, after seeing her work on SCTV (1976), as well as John Heard, and then later Tim Curry and Rob Schneider in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992), because they were all open to the films.
    66. Chris Columbus envisioned a scene in which the furnace came to life, gets up on all fours and chases Kevin to the stairs. The scene would have cost over a million dollars, so it was trimmed down to the furnace simply lighting up, and groaning Kevin’s name.
    67. Originally, Danny DeVito was considered for the role of Harry.
    68. Joe Pesci’s character, Harry Lime, is named after Orson Welles’ character from The Third Man (1949).
    69. At the end of the movie where it snows outside Kevin’s house, the snow was actually mashed potato flakes.
    70. In the original trailer for the film, the grocery store manager, not the check-out clerk, is the one who questions Kevin about whether he is there alone.
    71. Some scenes were shot in a three-story single-family house, located at 671 Lincoln Avenue, in Winnetka, Illinois. The kitchen in the film was shot in the house, along with the main staircase, basement and most of the first floor landing. The house’s dining room, and all the downstairs rooms (excluding the kitchen) were built on a soundstage. The house was built in 1921, and features five bedrooms, a fully converted attic, a detached double garage, and a greenhouse. “Kevin’s tree house”, in the backyard, was built specifically for the film, and demolished after principal photography ended.
    72. According to William Goldman, the film’s success prompted the creation of a Hollywood verb: “to be Home Aloned”, meaning to have a film’s box-office revenue reduced by the impact of Home Alone (1990).
    73. When Devin Ratray was asked what happened to Buzz later in life, he said he probably went to prison.
    74. The novelization, written by Todd Strasser, gives away some details not revealed in the film, notably the name of Buzz’s pet tarantula as Axl, while Peter’s job is given as a successful businessman, and Kate is a Fashion Designer, somewhat explaining mannequins in the basement, the two sewing machines, and the money that is used to pay for Pizza in Home Alone (1990) and used to order room service by Kevin in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992).
    75. The film was initially a Warner Brothers production. When 20th Century Fox took over the project, the budget grew from fourteen to seventeen million dollars.
    76. The B.B. that hits Marv in the face, was hand painted.
    77. On the airplane, John Heard can be seen reading a novel by Thomas McGuane. McGuane and Heard were previously married to Margot Kidder.
    78. John Candy did the role of Gus Pulanski (the clarinet player in the polka band in the rental truck) for free. The character was inspired by real-life Jan “Polka King” Lewan, who lived in Pennsylvania and whose polka band really did do tours around the world. John Candy improvised all of his lines.
    79. Old Man Marley is a nod to Jacob Marley, Scrooge’s dead partner in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.
    80. According to a Wall Street Journal article, the owners of the McCallister house say they were first approached by a Location Scout, who worked with John Hughes. First, they were asked if the movie Uncle Buck (1989) could shoot at a house they owned, before they owned the one featured in Home Alone (1990). At the time, they were trying to sell it, and declined the offer, because they didn’t want to take it off the market for several months during the shoot. After they moved into their house, the couple was approached about a second film, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989), which they decided to turn down, this time because they were renovating.
    81. The issue of Playboy that Kevin finds in Buzz’s room is from July 1989, with Erika Eleniak as Miss July.
    82. Chris Columbus’ previous movie had not done well at the box-office, and he was worried he would never direct again, but then John Hughes sent him the script for this film. Columbus said it was one of the best he had ever read.
    83. The pages on the Playboy magazine Kevin looks through were taped together so young Macaulay Culkin wouldn’t see any nudity.
    84. Roberts Blossom considered this film one of the high points in his career after the film’s release. Blossom said kids would often recognize him from playing Old Man Marley and ask “Aren’t you the guy . . .?”
    85. The major success of this film allowed Chris Columbus to move on to other more successful projects like Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) and the first two Harry Potter films.
    86. On the set, Macaulay Culkin would jokingly direct the film for Chris Columbus.
    87. The film was put into turnaround by Warner Brothers because of the budget, so 20th Century Fox snatched up the rights, and it went on to make four hundred seventy-six million dollars worldwide, a colossal amount for such an inexpensive picture.
    88. The trailer featured deleted and alternated scenes: A TV anchorman warns viewers to be on the lookout for The Wet Bandits. In the supermarket scene, the manager of the supermarket stands behind the Check Out Girl and asks Kevin the questions Check Out Girl asks him in the theatrical cut and there’s additional dialogue between Harry and Marv just before they go to Kevin’s house, which Marv says “Kids are stupid. I know I was.” which Harry replies. “You still are, Marv.”
    89. The “Oh-Kay Plumbing” van, that Harry and Marv drive, has a slogan that says, “Your flood control experts.” This is funny because they call themselves the “Wet Bandits”, and leave the water running after robbing houses.
    90. The role of Marv was written with Daniel Stern in mind. Michael Richards was also considered for the part.
    91. A scene was filmed, but cut which Peter, Heather, Linnie and Jeff are seen lying in bed and are unable to sleep because they are worried about Kevin and they miss him.
    92. While Chris Columbus was staying at his wife’s parents house in Chicago, after the birth of their first child, he was sent two scripts by John Hughes, one was for this film, which he fell in love with, and struck a chord with him, and he felt he could make a really strong film out of it. He and Hughes hit it off instantly, so Hughes gave him the job to direct.
    93. The boy, who played Kevin’s cousin Fuller in this movie, is Macaulay Culkin’s brother Kieran.
    94. Practically the entire crew from this movie also worked on Only the Lonely (1991) and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992).
    95. This film was still playing in theaters when director Chris Columbus’s next film Only the Lonely (1991) was released into theaters. This film finished eleventh while the latter film finished fifth during the latter’s opening weekend.
    96. The scene which Megan talks to Buzz about Kevin was longer with extra dialogue which Heather berates Buzz and calls him cruel which Buzz admits that Kevin deserved to got left behind and that he asked for it and that he is not concerned about Kevin.
    97. Michael Douglas, Kevin Costner, Martin Sheen, Dan Aykroyd, Charles Grodin, John Travolta, Tom Skerritt, Bill Murray, Jim Belushi, Chevy Chase, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone, Christopher Lloyd, Rick Moranis, Dennis Quaid, Jack Nicholson, John Goodman, Robin Williams, Mark Linn-Baker, Steve Martin, Alan Thicke, Bruce Willis, Tony Danza, Dave Thomas, Robert Hays, John Ritter, Ed O’Neill, Jeff Daniels, and Arnold Schwarzenegger were considered for the role of Peter McCallister.
    98. Jon Lovitz turned down the role of Harry Lime.
    99. Macaulay Culkin and John Candy previously starred in Uncle Buck (1989), also written by John Hughes.
    100. The fake movie “Angels with Filthy Souls” was the first thing to be filmed, when the film’s budget wasn’t very big, so everyone liked starting out on something with cardboard sets.
    101. Chris Columbus said Macaulay Culkin was an incredibly charming kid.
    102. Chris Columbus sold Steven Spielberg the scripts for Gremlins (1984) and The Goonies (1985), but his career didn’t really take off, until the massive success of this film.
    103. John Candy’s character Gus Polinski (aka “The Polka King of the Midwest”) was inspired by real-life Jan “Polka King” Lewan, who lived in Pennsylvania and whose polka band really did do tours around the world.
    104. In the original script the film was suppose to end after Kevin said Just hung around! But Chris Columbus decided to add the subplot of showing Kevin witnessing Marley reuniting with his estranged son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter in order to make it a more heartfelt ending.
    105. When casting the role of Kevin McCallister, Chris Columbus had already seen Macaulay Culkin in Uncle Buck (1989), but he wanted to audition some other kids first, while John Hughes had his heart set on Culkin. So Columbus met Culkin in New York City, and was very charmed by him, and thought he was fantastic. Columbus auditioned five other kids, and none of them shaped up to Culkin. Columbus went with Culkin, because he was not as picture perfect, and he had an instant bond to the kids in the audience. Columbus knew the cameras would love him, and he was immensely funny.
    106. Between the first two Home Alone films, Rob and Georgette are frequently referred to and never seen. The only shot that the couple is visible in is when the McCallisters are watching ‘It’s a Wonderful Life (1946),’ at Rob’s apartment in Paris. The only other scene ended up being scrapped from the first film. The couple have three kids, two girls and a boy, whose names remain a mystery.
    107. Chris Colombus, John Hughes, John Candy, Macaulay Culkin, and Kieran Culkin collaborated on Only the Lonely (1991).
    108. Rowan Atkinson auditioned for the role of Harry. Bob Hoskins also turned down the role.
    109. Cinematographer Julio Macat used A Christmas Story (1983) as inspiration for the look of the film.
    110. Harry (Joe Pesci) wears a wedding ring throughout the entire movie. You can see it for the first time when he’s dressed as the police officer, and he has it on throughout the rest of the movie, as well. His possible wife is never mentioned during the film, though.
    111. At the beginning of production, Bruce Broughton was attached as the original Composer, having previously worked with Chris Columbus on Young Sherlock Holmes (1985). The first printing of the posters had his name on them. Broughton turned down the offer, to work on The Rescuers Down Under (1990) instead.
    112. John Heard was cast because Chris Columbus liked his work in Cutter’s Way (1981).
    113. Kirstie Alley was considered for the role of Kate Mccallister, based on her performance in Look Who’s Talking (1989). But Alley turned it down, because she was working on Look Who’s Talking Too (1990).
    114. Even though the movie doesn’t state the ages of Kevin’s older siblings, the actors playing Buzz, Megan, Linnie, and Jeff were all born in 1977. If they are meant to all be the same age in the movie (quadruplets), it could explain why Kevin always seems to be the odd one out.
    115. Sigourney Weaver, Diane Keaton, Holly Hunter, Jodie Foster, Glenn Close, Geena Davis, Jamie Lee Curtis, Stockard Channing, Marilu Henner, Carrie Fisher, Kelly McGillis, Linda Hamilton, Helen Hunt, Laura Dern, Anjelica Huston, Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer, Bette Midler, Jessica Lange, Daryl Hannah, Debra Winger, Annie Potts, Ally Sheedy, Jennifer Grey, Maureen McCormick, Gates McFadden, Kelly Preston, Madonna, Meg Ryan, Mary Steenburgen, Kim Basinger, Lynda Carter, and Kim Cattrall were all considered for the role of Kate McCallister. (Ally Sheedy would later play a Ticket Agent in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992).)
    116. Old Man Marley, played by Roberts Blossom, is rumored to be a serial killer. Blossom’s most notable role prior to this film was the lead role in Deranged: Confessions of a Necrophile (1974) as a fictionalized version of serial killer Ed Gein.
    117. Joe Pesci and Catherine O’Hara appeared in Betsy’s Wedding (1990), where they played a married couple. That film starred Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy, who were frequently directed by John Hughes.
    118. Joe Pesci and John Candy appeared in JFK (1991).
    119. While the kids in the main McCallister family (Buzz, Megan, Jeff, Linnie, and Kevin) are all different ages which Buzz being the oldest at 13 or 14 and Kevin the youngest at 8, in real life the actors who play Buzz, Megan, Jeff, and Linnie are all the same age being born in 1977 while Culkin is still the youngest being born in 1980.
    120. In this order, it is Devin Ratray (Buzz) born in January, Hillary Wolf (Megan) born in February, Angela Goethals (Linnie) born in May, and Michael Maronna (Jeff) born in September.
    121. A scene was filmed, but cut which shows how mean Uncle Frank is towards Kevin: Frank mocks Kevin by telling him “Yank” is the French name for Kevin and pulls Kevin’s trousers down.
    122. Funko released Pop! toys of Kevin, Harry and Marv from the movie.

      It is not known why Kevin’s family especially Frank and Buzz all dislike Kevin and why they are all so mean to him at the beginning of the movie.

    123. There is a cardboard cutout of Michael Jordan in the film. Jordan was Macaulay Culkin’s favorite basketball player.
    124. The only screentime Joe Pesci (Harry) has with Kevin’s family in this movie, and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992), is at the beginning of this one, when he is at the McCallister home impersonating a Police Officer. His co-star Daniel Stern (Marv) does not have any screentime with Kevin’s family in either movie.
    125. Despite the theme song, Somewhere In My Memory, as played by in both the score and select choir versions, there are actually two verses that can be heard. The version of the song with the second stanza is featured on the original soundtrack release.
    126. Old Man Marley was not in the original script.
    127. Filming began on February 14, 1990, and ended on May 16.
    128. Dudley Moore and Phil Collins were considered for the role of Harry.
    129. In the box, where Buzz keeps his money, we see a 1989 Fleer baseball card of All-Star Fred McGriff.
    130. Besides burglarizing, Harry commits another crime at the beginning of the film: Impersonating a Police Officer.
    131. When Kevin first wakes up and notices his family has left him, he turns on the television in the kitchen to Miracle on 34th Street (1947). You see Maureen O’Hara in one of her first scenes from that film. The year after this movie, Chris Columbus directed O’Hara in her first on-screen appearance in twenty years, in Only the Lonely (1991). The film was also produced by John Hughes, starred John Candy, and featured Macaulay Culkin in a cameo role.
    132. Christopher Lloyd reportedly turned down the role of Harry.
    133. The iron and the blowtorch are the only traps Kevin isn’t shown setting up.
    134. A board game based on the film, was published in 1991.
    135. When Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) turns on the TV in the kitchen, Miracle on 34th Street (1947) is playing. Home Alone (1990) writer/producer John Hughes co-wrote (with George Seaton) and produced the remake, Miracle on 34th Street (1994).
    136. Daniel von Bargen was considered for the role of Uncle Frank.
    137. From 1993 to 1996, and again in 1998, NBC aired this movie during the 8 p.m. time slot on Thanksgiving evening, as part of their holiday promotion (Jurassic Park (1993) aired in its place in 1997, and this movie aired on NBC a week before Christmas). The film aired on NBC until 1999, when it aired the Sunday after Thanksgiving weekend in 1999, when it was the last time it aired on NBC. The film also aired on Thanksgiving for twenty-four hours on FX in 2009.
    138. Buzz tells Kevin and Rod that Old Man Marley murdered his family in 1958, which is the same year Chris Columbus was born.
    139. In the scene when Kevin is browsing through Buzz’s private stash, a box of Junior Mints can be seen. In an episode of Seinfeld called Seinfeld: The Junior Mint (1993), the “Home Alone” movies are mentioned by the main characters.
    140. Chris Columbus cast John Heard as Peter McCallister, because he was a fan of his ever since Cutter’s Way (1981).
    141. Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix were considered for the role of Buzz. They had appeared together in I Love You to Death (1990), released seven months before Home Alone, and again one year later in My Own Private Idaho (1991).
    142. John Heard and Daniel Stern appeared in C.H.U.D. (1984).
    143. Home Alone (1990) is one of two films in which Joe Pesci and John Candy consecutively appeared (in year terms), with John Williams as the composer. The other film was JFK (1991). In addition Pesci also appeared in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992), also composed by Williams.
    144. In Escape from Alcatraz, Doc Dalton (Robert Blossoms) cuts off his own fingers out of protest. In Home Alone, his character saves Kevin from getting his fingers bitten off by Harry (Joe Pesci).
    145. Uncle Frank and Marv call Kevin a “little jerk”.
    146. When Chris Columbus scripted Young Sherlock Holmes (1985), Watson believed Holmes obsessed over a case, because unlike other boys his age, he had no family to which go home, like Harry Potter and Kevin McCallister. Columbus has ties to both franchises.
    147. The van that Harry drives, has “Oh-Kay Plumbing” on the side of it. Joe Pesci is remembered for his character saying “OK, OK” in Lethal Weapon 2 (1989), Lethal Weapon 3 (1992), Lethal Weapon 4 (1998).

      Catherine O’Hara and John Heard appeared in Martin Scorsese’s After Hours (1985).

    148. Larry Hankin and Roberts Blossom appeared in Escape from Alcatraz (1979).
    149. Harry and Marv’s van is a 1986 Dodge Ram.
    150. One of the booby traps set by Kevin is an electric heating element on the door knob to heat up the handle and burn the hand of the trespasser. When Harry attempts to open the door, he is branded with a large M of his hand from the McCallisters monogrammed handle. This is most likely taken from the classic 1931 German thriller M, directed by Fritz Lang. In this movie the character of Hans Beckert (Peter Lorre), is a child serial killer who becomes the focus of a massive Berlin police manhunt. Beckert’s heinous crimes are so repellant and disruptive to city life that he is even targeted by others deemed to be low life’s ad criminals themselves. In the film and most all the posters and artwork for it Becket has a giant M in chalk on his hand.
    151. In this film and Young Sherlock Holmes (1985), exists the line “It’s Christmastime”. The former was directed by Chris Columbus, and the latter scripted by him.
    152. It is not known why the family especially Frank and Buzz antagonizes, neglect and ignore Kevin and why they all hate him . It’s likely the family wasn’t very patient with him and couldn’t really deal with him.
    153. When Kevin’s family frantically dash to a pay phone at Orly airport a group of people with a white banner can be seen for a split second. This is Peter’s brother and his wife and children. Originally they were to greet Kevin’s family and mistook them being ‘happy’ to see them but it was cut.
    154. Tim Allen, Michael Keaton, Bryan Cranston, Ted Danson, Richard Gere, John Lithgow and Christopher Reeve were considered for the role of Peter McCallister.
    155. Kevin finds a photo of Buzz’s girlfriend however Buzz earlier in the film mentioned French babes. This implies Buzz is either now broken up with the girl or he is no longer interested in her or their relationship is on the rocks.
    156. Warren Beatty was considered for the role of Peter McCallister.
    157. Raja Gosnell: The voice on the answering machine, when Harry and Marv are robbing their first house, is the film’s Editor , who would later direct Home Alone 3 (1997).
    158. Chris Columbus: [It’s a Wonderful Life] In this film and its first sequel Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992), both directed by Columbus, and Gremlins (1984), scripted by Columbus, clips from It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) are shown.
    159. Joe Pesci deliberately avoided Macaulay Culkin on-set, because he wanted Culkin to think he was mean.
    160. John Candy shared all of his screentime with Catherine O’Hara. The two previously worked together on SCTV (1976), and were good friends. Candy passed away on O’Hara’s 40th birthday, and O’Hara gave a tearful eulogy at his funeral.
    161. Many of the shots, that focus on Kevin in the beginning of the movie, are filmed from above his head, making him seem small and helpless. At the end of the film, Kevin is mostly shot from below, making him seem taller and more confident.
    162. The famous scream that Daniel Stern belts out during the tarantula scene was not mimed on-set and dubbed in later. In fact, the scream came from Stern while live on-set, mostly because he was assured by the animal handlers that tarantulas do not have ears. Also, the tarantula’s poison was not extracted, as some have thought. This was all confirmed by Stern himself in a December 24, 2015 post on his Facebook page.
    163. The car that ”Santa” (to whom Kevin talks, about wanting his family back) starts before it stalls out, is a 1980 Honda Civic hatchback. It really did stall on-camera as the actor was driving it away.
    164. In the scene when Kevin walks past the driveway just as Harry and Marv are driving down it and stop just in time to avoid hitting him, was achieved by having Macaulay Culkin walk backwards as the van was driven in reverse away from him. The film was then shown backwards.
    165. Chris Columbus’ least favorite booby trap in the film is Harry getting doused with feathers, because it was too “soft” compared to the other ones throughout the sequence.
    166. Foreshadowing: When Kevin attacks Buzz and spills milk all over the counter, Peter tries to clean up the spill to save the passports and tickets. As he throws a wad of wet napkins away, he also throws a plane ticket away by mistake. The ticket can be seen in the garbage with a name written in black marker, that ticket belonged to Kevin. The next morning, also by mistake, he was left home alone.
    167. The ornaments, which Marv slams his feet on after climbing through the window, were made of sugar. Daniel Stern insisted on walking on them barefoot. His screaming reaction in the film is acting.
    168. The McAllister doorknob burn on Harry (Joe Pesci) at the beginning of the house raid scene, is an homage to the main poster used to advertise M (1931).
    169. During the dinner scene when Kevin’s Dad knocks the soda over he accidentally throws Kevin’s plane ticket into the trash. So even if he was with his family he wouldn’t be able to board the plane cause he doesn’t have a ticket.
    170. The film originally ended with Peter asking what else Kevin was up to whilst they were away and Kevin saying “Just hung around” which ends in a freeze frame. John Hughes and Chris Columbus decided to drop the ending and decided to end the film instead with Kevin looking through the window and seeing Marley reuniting with his family. John Hughes and Chris Columbus decided to give the film an emotional and moving upbeat happier ending and to let the audience know that Marley took Kevin’s advice and thanks to Kevin, Marley reconcile with his son and is back together with his family for the first time in years.
    171. On YouTube there is 10 Dark Home Alone Theories That Will Ruin Your Childhood. Peter McCallistar is said to be a mob boss, as it’s never said what he does for a living, can afford such a luxurious house and that his wife Kate doesn’t work. Also Peter got defensive when Harry Lime (dressed as a police officer) wanted a word with him, by saying in response, “Am I under arrest or something?”
    172. Everything that happens in the film is Buzz’s fault. If Buzz hadn’t ate all of Kevin’s cheese pizza and cruelly taunted Kevin. Kevin wouldn’t had gone berserk attacking Buzz and Kevin wouldn’t had been sent to the 3rd floor and the family wouldn’t had forgotten him when they overslept and Kevin wouldn’t had been left home alone and left to defend the house from Harry and Marv.
    173. In the scene, which Kevin gets into fight with Buzz, when Buzz eats Kevin’s pizza. Frank rudely and nastily calls Kevin a “little jerk” when Pepsi gets spilt over his lap. If you watch the film again carefully, Peter is seen knocking over the bottle of Pepsi, spilling it on Frank’s lap.
    174. It was rumored that in the original screenplay, it was revealed Frank is the real villain of the film, and is behind Harry and Marv, and that he hired them to rob the McAllister house, and to kill Kevin. If so, Frank would have gotten Buzz to eat all of Kevin’s cheese pizza, so Kevin would attack Buzz and be sent to the third floor, and Frank could have cut the electricity, causing the family to oversleep, and panic and forget about Kevin in the chaos. After Kate realizes that they forgot about Kevin, Frank could have made a phone call to Harry and Marv at the airport in France, and put the scheme of robbing the house and murdering Kevin into motion, and when his scheme fails, and Harry and Marv are arrested, Frank may not have gone back to the McAllister family, because he felt disappointed that his plan didn’t work. In the film, on the airplane, Frank tries to get his wife Leslie to steal real crystal.
    175. On YouTube, a fan of the movie made a video of a ‘very dark’ alternate ending which Harry and Marv grab Kevin and pull out of the basement (As in the movie) which fades to black and Kevin is heard screaming. We cut to the next morning, which Kate gets dropped off at the house by Gus Polinski. Kate enters the house and calls “Kevin!” and we cut to an establishing shot of the house and Kate is heard screaming “KEVIN!” which implies that Harry and Marv killed Kevin and left his corpse in the house and it fades to black and cuts to the end credits.
    176. In the scene which Marv screams, Kevin puts Buzz’s tarantula on Marv’s face causing him to scream which forces Marv to let go of Kevin’s leg. There were two other ways Kevin could had made Marv let go of him. He could had kicked Marv in the face with his other foot and since he was carrying Buzz’s rifle on his back, he could had use to whack Marv which would had knocked him out.
    177. Harry, Marv, Buzz, and Frank are the film’s antagonists. Harry and Marv bid to rob Kevin’s house, and Buzz and Frank bully Kevin, and are horrible to him. However, after some of the family get back home, Buzz kindly admits to Kevin that it’s “pretty cool he didn’t burn the house down” while he was home alone.
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